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Golden's T'ai Chi Ch'uan


     I'm Gene Golden, and I run The Golden School of T'ai Chi Ch’uan in Bellingham, WA and the T'ai Chi Ch'uan program at Western Washington University. I teach Yang Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan and am of the Cheng Man-Ch'ing lineage. My teacher, was his student, William C.C. Chen.

     T'ai Chi has been my life's calling for over 40 years now. It is a traditional style of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, which focuses on balancing the flow of the body’s internal energy and creating a relaxed, meditative state in its practitioners. It also maintains it's roots as an internal style martial art focused on developing speed, power and the ability to sense and connect with attacking energy.

     T'ai Chi is very different from most self defense styles, as it is about connecting with, rather than fighting against energy or an opponent. Uniting with energy enables one to control, neutralize, deflect and then return negative energy to its source.



     I began my study of T'ai Chi Ch’uan in 1975 with Grand Master William C.C. Chen of New York City. In 1980, I opened The Golden School of T'ai Chi Ch’uan in North Conway, New Hampshire and taught in Portland, Maine through 1997. I opened in Orange County, California in 2010-2019 and now teach in Bellingham, Washington.

     Through the years, I have practiced with and exchanged ideas with many practitioners of T'ai Chi, as well as professionals from other styles of Marital Arts. I have practiced with Master T.T. Lang of Boston, Benjamin Lo of San Francisco, Willem DeThouars of Denver and with United States Push-Hands Champion, Don Ethan Miller. All of this experience has helped me further develop my skills and embrace my own path of harmony, continually cultivating my excellence in adapting to the “What Is” in life.

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