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The Awakening Universe

We are in a changing universe and life on this planet, right now, is experiencing an unprecedented evolution in consciousness that I think may be well beyond anything previously achieved by mankind. We are experiencing a state of profound manifestation. ​In this moment, as we believe a thought it is already starting to attract the data and facts to support that belief while automatically rejecting any that don't. It is the methodology of how we create our personal and physical reality and more specifically why one's reality is so different from another's. It is also very much based on the concepts of quantum entanglement that are attracting the attention of physicists worldwide.

The physical organs of this process are the cerebral cortex and solar plexus. The cerebral cortex extends down from the brain eventually becoming the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve feeds the largest ganglia of nerve endings in the body, the solar plexus, (ever think why it was named that, "the plexus of the sun" of the body? I do, as I think someone knew what its function is. It is the organ of manifestation, our "voice" into the universe. It is where belief actualizes into "gut feeling." This feeling is then projected by the nerves of the solar plexus out into the universe. When we feel something in our gut is when we accept that feeling or belief as the unquestionable truth. It is the method by which our beliefs project out into the universe and start to draw or manifest the creation of reality corresponding with those beliefs.

We are much more co-creators of reality than we could ever begin to give ourselves credit for. We are creating who we are from moment to moment, whether that be a Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, atheist, substance abuser, love addict, name it. We are, at this moment moving directly towards empowerment or away from it, as hopelessness. Towards the embodiment of our dreams or away into the nightmare of our fears.

It is our choice to achieve this consciously with focused direction or to let whatever beliefs bubble up from within, such as when we think, "I am so weak and powerless, what can I do to change anything." Right there we are changing things and manifesting that reality. The choice of our beliefs are entirely our own. Can we now begin to embrace a more fulfilling, compassionate and comprehensive vision of the future? Lets start manifesting!


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