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T'ai Chi Ch'uan as a Transformational Martial Art

I believe in T'ai Chi Ch'uan as a transformational martial art. By adjusting the energies of yin and yang in our bodies we can literally develop the ability to alter or affect the circumstances we are involved in. To metaphysically change energy in our world is no small feat indeed and requires a deep understanding of our bodies and the positive and negative energies that run through them. But it is simpler than it sounds. Harnessing these energies enables us to attract or repel energy, acting much like the gas pedal and brakes of the body. This is also how the universe functions, largely through the force of gravity which, while a weak energy, is everywhere and affects everything either by repelling or attracting it and that is not small at all. It is in fact how galaxies are formed.

In the Taoist practices it is suggested to follow the way of the Tao, literally telling us to look at nature and the universe for the answers as to how it functions. The yin yang symbol literally has a black hole incorporated into it, as does every galaxy, I believe this in itself is pretty prophetic given the time it was created. This ancient symbol is unbelievably evolved and is even more relevant due to scientific advancement now corroborating the information contained within it. The energy of the yin yang paradigm is not two dimensional as the drawing of it appears but a three dimensional construct continuously moving into the future and leaving the past in its wake. I believe this depicts a most accurate vision of reality. One that enables us to more effectively adapt spontaneously to the events that make up our lives.

The power to react with the ever unfolding moment is here and gone in a flash, so in order to tap into it we learn to continuously let go of the past and not be attached to anticipating the future. It takes tremendous focus of consciousness to do this. It does, however, enable us to react in the ephemeral moment of the present existing for a flash between past and future. This magical moment is ever evolving, so it is very difficult to pin down as by now it has already changed and we again find ourselves anticipating the future or immersed in the past. The meditation in movement of the T'ai Chi Ch'uan Form is the secret to discovering the power of continuously being in the present. Spontaneous action can then be utilized as our greatest tool and ally.

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