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And Now For A Different Perspective

 Upon substantial reflection I have come to the realization that I don't know a single person who has the corona virus. However, I have many friends across the country who know lots of people who have it, and who know those who have died from it. This leads me to an interesting conclusion. Perhaps this virus is picking the energy it likes to feed upon. This would mean, quite simply, there are those it finds delectable and those who are not so yummy. I think that I am not so tasty to it because I do not fear it. I respect it, but I am just not frightened. I also realize that I have only surrounded myself with friends who are also of this mindset. I think that this may have enabled us to be generating a kind of immunity. 

     To the virus, I think we become tastier if we are marinating in the powerful emotion of fear. The media is helping whip this fear into a near hysteria, thus enabling the virus to have a feeding frenzy. That is why I am trying to send this message: "Be the Love." This will boost your immunity by simply making your energy less tasty. What do you think of this? If it makes sense, please try and send the word out. Fear: Yummy! Love: Yucky! At least to the viruses simple tastes.


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