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A day in the park

The other day I was practicing Tai Chi Ch'uan in my little spot in Elizabeth Park in Bellingham. I was in the midst of many old growth trees, some may have

been 500 or 600 years old. They were so powerful, a living force of nature. Naturally my movements began to pattern themselves after the trees and I began to feel my roots strengthen as I stepped and allowed myself to sink more deeply into the earth. I enjoyed this power, as the trees seemed to be teaching me. Then my gaze ascended and as I looked into the canopy I saw an amazing sight. All of the leaves at he tops of the trees were trembling in response to the barest breeze. And I realized the trees were Tai Chi and while they tapped into the earth for their strength, they were simultaneously aware of the slightest stimuli, they were connected to and reacting with everything. It was a beautiful fall day. Thank you trees.

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