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Let's Get This World A Poppin'

What a tumultuous year this has been. It is unlike anything I could ever have imagined. Yet at the same time things progressed planetarily, I saw that T'ai Chi Ch'uan kept pace, evolving in sync. In my own practice I have never felt more empowered, consciously aware and intuitively attuned. I felt this also reflected in the practice and words of many other T'ai Chi practitioners and luminaries I have had the pleasure to communicate with.

I have always believed that T'ai Chi Ch'uan evolved with society. In times of conflict, it naturally became more martial and in times of peace, fed the spiritual nature of mankind. But what I experienced was something else. I felt my connection to everything become more highly attuned. To people, community, to flora and fauna, to the planet itself and to the universe we are all connected to. It was like psychic t'ai chi. It knew what I needed.

I am interested to know what the experience of other T'ai Chi practitioners was. Did anything occur in your practice that was exceptional and unanticipated? Did you experience connection or unexpected advancement?

It makes me wonder if the art itself has a symbiosis or conscious connection to all those who practice it. I know Bill Douglas, the founder of World T'ai Chi Day, believes the unimaginable power generated by millions of practitioners in meditation simultaneously has the power to change the planet and I concur.

There is something afoot here, "The times they are a changin'." I'm going to put myself way out there now, but I believe that through T'ai Chi practice and many other disciplines, we are speeding up the growth of our neural networks. That our DNA is actually evolving and much faster than I would have imagined. Mankind itself is on the verge of an evolution unlike anything the planet has seen since we began to identify our expanding consciousness evinced through the artwork that started springing up everywhere, such as on the cave walls of Lascaux and Chauvet. The art that screamed, we are aware, we know!

I believe that we are now on the brink of just such a breakthrough. Where our species may actually be becoming homo sapien, sapien. Where the breakthrough we are experiencing may be the emerging growth of that from the species who survived because of its ego, the fight or flight, the strong that conquer the weak, the yang, male energy based civilization, to that of the yin. The society based on nurturing and compassion fueled by the breakthroughs no longer of physical and social power but the power of the spirit and the rapid evolution of consciousness itself.

​I believe it is time for humanity to accept its rightful position in the fractal of the universe, of which nothing exists outside of.


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