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What are we really doing?

I often wonder what people think when they see practitioners performing the T'ai Chi Ch'uan movements, often in mass in a public park. Do they wonder what these movements are actually accomplishing? It is an interesting question, as the purpose of the movements is obscured, it is designed to be hidden. So, I thought I would post some of my feelings in the hopes of creating some clarity as to their purpose.

For me, they are the movements of peace and of war.

The movements of listening and knowing.

They are movements that embody physics and quantum physics.

They are the movements of the sacred geometry.

They are movements of the body and regulate the energy fields that are projections of the body.

They are the movements of the elements and of the earth and the heavens and of air and of water.

They are the movements of the creation of our DNA.

The movements of stillness in action.

The movements of birth, death and evolution.

They are movements that link time and space and perhaps, greatest of all, they are the movements of ascension.


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