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The Space Between All Things

If the words in a book were all joined together they would have no meaning. Sentences are formed by the spaces between the words. If the notes in a piece of music did not have pauses it would be a cacaphony of sound, it would lose all poignancy. It is the pauses between the notes that bring out their meaning and feeling. It is only in the spaces we discover ourselves and the meaning of all things, as it is our connection to the universe.

We, as a society, have become obsessed. Relentlessly driven by the need to do, become and have more. We are obsessed with acheiving and possessing continually more. In this vicious circle that incessantly demands more stimulation in order to feel fulfilled we can never be satisfied or find real peace.

Peace can only be found within. In the emptiness. In the spaces between things, in the pauses and in not doing. For it is only in space that we are able to connect to our true nature and the nature of all things. Because we and everything else that exists are just dots. A quark, a neutron, a cell, a molecule, us, a town, the earth, our solar system, our galaxy, are all just dots in space, connected by space. But it is the space itself that is alive and aware and creating all that fills it.

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